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Swan Hills Treatment Centre
1972	Alberta Environment commissioned a study and an action plan was prepared to develop a provincial hazardous waste management system. 	 1972-82 A series of public hearings and workshops were held province wide to decide how best to proceed. 	 1982	Chem-Security Ltd. was selected to design, build and operate the Alberta Special Waste Treatment Centre	  1983	Swan Hills plebiscite indicated that 79% of the voters were in favor of hosting the hazardous waste facility. 	 1985	Construction of the plant started and baseline environmental monitoring commenced. 	 1987	Alberta Special Waste Treatment Centre officially opened and commenced operation. 	 1988	The Facility was licensed to incinerate PCBs on a commercial basis. 	 1989	Plant was expanded by adding a rotary kiln incinerator to compliment the rocking kiln incinerator facility.	  1990	Transformer furnace facility added to the rotary kiln incinerator.	  1993	Plant expanded again by adding large rotary kiln incinerator and decommissioned the rocking kilns.	  1994	Large rotary kiln was licensed to process waste. A new Stabilization/Solidification Plant was commissioned. 	 1995	Bovar Waste Management took over as owner/operator. The plant was renamed "Swan Hills Treatment Centre". A new water treatment   plant  was commissioned. 	 1996	The small rotary kiln and the transformer furnace was removed from service.	  2001	Sensor Environmental Services acquired interim contract to operate the Swan Hills Treatment Centre for Alberta Infrastructure.	  2003	Earth Tech (Canada) Inc. acquired long term contract to operate the Swan Hills Treatment Centre for Alberta Infrastructure. 	 2008	Earth Tech joined AECOM, a leading global provider of professional technical services  2011     AECOM changed over to SENA Waste Services Holdings.  2015      SENA Waste Services changed it’s name to SUEZ CANADA WASTE SERVICE INC. (Operating the Swan Hils Treatment Centre for Alberta Infrastructure)

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