Our History
1972 - Alberta Environment commisssioned a study and an action plan was prepared to develop a provincial hazrdous waste management system. 1972-82 - A series of public hearings and workshops were held province wide to decide how best to proceed. 1982 - Chem-Security LTD. was selected to design, build and operate the Alberta Special Waste Treatment Centre. 1983 - Swan Hills plebiscite indicated that 79% of the voters were in favor of hosting the hazardous waste facility. 1985 - Contruction of the plant started and baseline environmental monitoring commenced. 1987 - Alberta Special Waste Treatment Centre officially opens and commenced operation. 1988 - The Facility was lincensed to incinerate PCBs on a commerical basis. 1989 - Plant was expanded by adding a rotary kiln incinerator to compliment the rocking kiln incinerator facility. 1990 - Transformer furnace facility added to the rotary kiln incinerator. 1993 - Plant expaned again by adding larger rotary kiln incinerator and decomminssioned the rocking kilns. 1994 - Larger rotary kiln was licensed to process waste. A new Stablilization/Solidification Plant was commissioned. 1995 - BOVAR Waste Management took over as owner/operator. The plant was renamed “Swan Hills Treatment Centre”. A new water treatment plant was commissioned. 1996 - The small rotary kiln and the transformer furnace was removed from service. 2001 - SENSOR Environmental Services acquired interim contract to operate the Swan Hills Treatment Centre for Alberta Infrastructure. 2003 - Earth Tech (Canada) INC. Aquired interim contract to operate the Swan Hills Treatment Centre for Alberta Infrastucture. 2008 - Earth Tech joined AECOM, a leading global provider of professional technical services. 2011 - AECOM changed over to SENA Waste Services Hodlings. 2015 - SENA Waste Holding Changed it’s name to SUEZ Canada Waste Service INC. Operating the Swan Hills Treatment Centre for Alberta Infrastucture.
Swan Hills Treatment Centre