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Liaison Committee

The Special Waste Liaison Committee is a group of volunteer citizens who are committed to enhancing the

understanding of the Swan Hills Treatment Centre among the residents of Swan Hills and surrounding areas. Liaison

Committee members are kept up to date on all activities at the Swan Hills Treatment Centre through regular monthly

meetings with representatives from SENA Waste Services operator of the Swan Hills Treatment Centre.

Swan Hills and area residents can raise issues and voice their concerns

through the Committee. In addition, the Liaison Committee may seek public

opinions on specific issues regarding the operation of the Swan Hills

Treatment Centre.

Historical Data

When Swan Hills was chosen by Cabinet as the successful candidate for

Alberta’s Special Waste Treatment Plant, a local citizens committee was

formed to liaise with the Plant Operator and, along with Town Council, to

monitor plant construction and operations.

As part of the siting announcement the Crown Corporation charged with it’s establishment made a commitment to

support a citizen advisory group. The group would be kept informed of site and system developments and be

responsible for liaison between the community and the Treatment Centre.


The purpose of the Liaison Committee is to provide communication between the citizens of Swan Hills, neighboring

communities, and the operator of the Swan Hills Treatment Centre. This volunteer committee is in addition to the official

channel of communication between the elected officials of the Town of Swan Hills and the Swan Hills Treatment Centre.

Through the Committee, local issues will be identified and addressed at regular meetings with SENA Waste Services

Canada representatives, in order to broaden the understanding of the operation of the Swan Hills Treatment Centre in

the community and surrounding region.


The Committee shall consist of a minimum of four members and a maximum of nine members from the Town of Swan

Hills. In addition to townspeople, representatives from near-by communities will be encouraged to join the Committee;

however, only one person from each neighboring community will be allowed to vote as a member.

Students in Grades 9 – 12 will be encouraged to attend meetings as guests. A student must attend three consecutive

meetings in order to become a regular member.