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Sales & Marketing 


SUEZ #307-9426-51 Ave, Edmonton Edmonton, Alberta,   T6E 5A6 CANADA  

Gord Godin - Edmonton

Sales Manager, Swan Hills Treatment Centre Territory: International Markets, Projects Telephone: (780) 437-7272 Fax:            (780) 439-0976 E-Mail: gordon.godin@senawasteservices.com

Pierre Lavigne - Edmonton

Technical Sales Representative Territory: Northern Alberta (Red Deer and North), North- Eastern British Columbia, North West Territories, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Telephone: (780) 437-7272 Fax:           (780) 439-0976 E-Mail: pierre.lavigne@senawasteservices.com

Zoltan Nevelos - Calgary

Technical Sales Representative Territory: Southern Alberta and British Columbia. Telephone: (403) 275-2989 Fax:           (403) 275-9734 E-Mail: zoltan.nevelos@senawasteservices.com


SUEZ 128 Macewan Park View NW Calgary, Alberta, T3K 4K3 CANADA

Waste Services

SUEZ’s mandate at the Swan Hills Treatment Centre is to treat and destroy wastes delivered to the facility. It does not offer any on-site turnkey such as waste management, labeling/packaging, documentation or transportation. SUEZ utilizes a network of waste management services providers and their facilities to collect and consolidate waste from across Canada and to provide valuable on-site turnkey services. Please visit our Waste Services page to find a waste services provider in your area.