Swan Hills Treatment Centre
Waste Services

Waste Services

The Swan Hills Treatment Centre is a hazardous waste treatment and disposal facility only. Because of this, we

are unable to provide services on the customer's site such as waste management, waste labeling/packaging,

documentation or transportation of hazardous wastes. For these on-site services, the Swan Hills Treatment

Centre utilizes and relies on a network of well-established waste management service providers across the

country. These service providers are all experienced hazardous waste professionals with the credentials,

facilities and equipment needed to properly classify, collect, consolidate and transport a variety of hazardous

wastes to our facility. If you are in need of these turnkey services, we encourage you to contact a service

provider in you area. We have listed our waste service providers in alphabetical order.

 Aevitas provides turn-key PCB waste disposal and recycling services. We operate a PCB

waste treatment and transfer facility just outside Toronto and a sales office and warehouse in Montreal. We

service all of Canada with a full compliment of transport and site service capabilities. From ballasts to site

remediation, no job is too small or too complex. For more information please visit www.aevitas.ca

 Since its formation in 1989, Envirotec Services Incorporated has been a leader in

providing integrated environmental and industrial services within Saskatchewan. Committed to providing

premier services with a focus on safety, quality, and strict regulatory compliance, Envirotec's multi-disciplinary

team of specialists, using advanced equipment and facilities, works with clients to achieve optimum, and often

innovative solutions for their waste management. Nobody understands more thoroughly, or is better equipped to

handle the unique challenges of Saskatchewan's industries and environment. Envirotec is proud to be a locally

owned private company within Saskatchewan, for more information please visit http://www.envirotec.ca.


 NEWALTA is Canada's leading industrial waste management and environmental

services company. We push beyond conventional thinking about waste, finding solutions that transform it into

new products that will contribute to our customer's bottom line and reduce the environmental footprint. Where

by-product recovery isn't possible, we find ways to reduce the production of waste at the source. For more

information please visit: www.newalta.com


 For the past 20 years throughout Canada, Sanexen Environmental

Services Inc. has developed a strong expertise in the PCB waste management business such as; PCB fluid

decontamination, on-site service, handling, treatment and disposal of any PCB contaminated material paired

with a transport system to transfer your hazardous waste to the proper treatment facilities. Sanexen also offers a

wide variety of services ranging from site remediation to structural water main rehabilitation (Aqua-Pipe®). For

more information please visit www.sanexen.com


  TERVITA provides comprehensive waste management services. Our professional site services,

waste tracking system, licensed storage,licensed transportation and training programs are integral parts of our

waste services offering. For more information please visit TERVITA.